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Welcome to the website of Bradley Siegel. Here on my website I have posted many photos from two previous KlezKanada and KlezKamp trips I went on with my grandmother, Elaine Hoffman Watts, my aunt, Susan Watts, my brother, Douglas Siegel, and my grandfather, Ernie Watts. In adddition, I have posted pictures of woodworking projects I have completed and I will be updating them as they become available! I hope you enjoy browsing my website and I welcome any and all feedback either about the photos, my website, or any other topics you would like to bring to my attention. Also, please feel free to contact me regarding any pictures that my not have made it to the web, whether you would like a copy of one, would like to ask about one that may not have been posted, or would like to contribute photos of your own!

I also welcome you all to sign my guestbook. It is a fun way to contact not only me, but everyone else who visits this site.

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